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update bootloader
i have been trying for a few months to update my boot loader and the only response is file not found.
i'm stuck in sept /2020. yesterday i sent a thread and pasted what the terminal had to offer I have tried all the suggestions from different help tutorials and still nothing. Can somebody help me with this issue I'm having? Please I really want to move on and learn more about linux and not spending 6-8 hrs a day just trying to enter a command .
Thanks in advance

BCM2711 detected
VL805 firmware in bootloader EEPROM
*** INSTALLING new.bin  ***
Bootloader image "new.bin" not found
there is more i tried to send as an attachment but i got an error I'm not allowed to send as attachment.
This is what i am talking about everytime I try to do something with my machine these are the results I get. Help

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