Hosting Companies & CloudFlare

So I really wanted to vent the frustration that I get every time I see a hosting company with CloudFlare protecting their site. There are three main reasons I see people stating why they use CloudFlare:

  • Security Enhancements
  • Speed Enhancements
  • Free SSL

All three of these are just absolutely stupid reasons for a hosting company. If you can’t protect your site from DDoS attacks, bots etc, then why are you even running a hosting company? Similar to speed, if your website is slow then seriously reconsider running a hosting company as otherwise your client sites will just be slow too. Free SSL… this one probably bugs me the most! If you are serious about running a hosting company you need to buy an SSL certificate, not just use one provided for free. It makes you look cheap (to people who know about this stuff anyway) and I would never buy from a company hiding behind CloudFlare’s free SSL.

I know this post doesn’t really bring much to the table, just one of those things I wanted to get out there and mention as it really bugs me!

OVH, SolusVM, OpenVZ & IPv6

So I thought I’d write a small post about the recent issues I had when trying to configure SolusVM (OpenVZ) to have IPv6 on an OVH dedicated server.

I first started trying to add IPv6 support when a client of Enkel Hosting requested it, at first I thought it’d be an easy setup. Configure the gateway, add the IP’s, check the connection and boom, working right? Wrong. I had nothing but issues and after about 5 hours of banging my head on my desk and also trying to get help from OVH I got nowhere. (more…)